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How To Start Feeding Your Dog A Healthier Diet

Welcome to a tribe of dog lovers who have arrived here because they are curious about how to improve their dogs diet.

It is important to note that there is not one way to feed a healthy diet to a dog, just like there is not one way to consume a healthy diet yourself, but to reduce confusion, we just focus on one style and this is called B.A.R.F which is a formula of meat, bones, plant matter (fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds) and offal (secreting organs such as liver and kidney).

Natural raw dog food and kibble in bowls. Natural dog food versus kibble..jpg

The easiest way to get started on this new journey would be with hybrid feeding, this is where you feed your regular dry food but you add fresh/whole foods as well.  Some people stay feeding hybrid permanently and some people use hybrid feeding as a way to fully transition their dog to fresh/whole food feeding - either way is the right way, this is about what is achievable for you.

If you are a Vegetarian or Vegan, we have a support guide for you.

If you will be transitioning fully to a fresh/whole foods diet, learning how much to feed your dog can be a bit of trial and error, we walk you through this here.

If you have a puppy, click here.

Many pet parents who start feeding fresh/whole foods to their dog can get a bit of a hard time from their Vet and this isn't because they're mean or they get kickbacks from a dry food company, it is because at University they do not get any/very little information in feeding a fresh/whole foods diet and any information they do get isn't positive.  Learning about balance is an important part of your journey so you are better positioned to advocate for your dog at your Vet.  In addition, just because your Vet does not support a fresh/whole foods diet, doesn't mean you can't feed it, there are thousands of Vets who do support it and even have their own commercial raw diets you can buy.

If you're 100% on board with feeding a fresh/whole foods diet to your dog but you don't want to make it yourself, you can buy it pre-made from most large pet stores and online vendors, you can learn more here.

If you're excited to learn how to do it yourself or you'd like to learn more about fresh/whole foods diet, our comprehensive 'Start Here' file is going to be your bible whilst you get your feet.

If you like a bit of technology, we have a web app where you can formulate your dog's diet and identify potential nutrient gaps, we have an instructional video that you can watch to learn how to use it too.

If you enjoy pottering in the kitchen, then you may like to make your dogs own food using some vet-approved recipes - these complete balanced recipes you can purchased here: Puppies | Adults

The common topics pet parents ask us in our Facebook community can be found here.

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