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The Start Here file is a comprehensive file for those new to fresh food feeding, it will answer many of your questions and help you understand some of the foundations.

The file is comprehensive so it's important that you just take your time, if you try and consume it all at once you will miss information and become overwhelmed.

Grab the Start Here file here


Whilst there are a number models of fresh food feeding dogs, in our community we use the ratios as outlined by Dr Karen Becker - the higher plant matter portion helps improve gut health.


Newbe's can feel overwhelmed by this model because they may not be good at maths and the other aspect is the 10% bone actually relates to the bone content of an edible bone i.e. the bone content of a chicken wing - this meant people had to do more maths and often resulted in people putting the whole thing in the too hard basket.

Here's the good news, in 2020, we contracted a professional to put together a web (not phone) app that you could save to the home screen of your phone or bookmark on your computer that would do all the maths for you.

As well as doing the basics for you, this app let's you put together a recipe and check it for any potential nutrient gaps.  This web app is not scientific, it's not comparing your recipe to the AAFCO guidelines or any other guideline, it's simply saying "hey, you might have a nutrient gap, here's some food ideas that could help close that gap".

Remember, fresh food feeding is based on feeding a variety of ingredients on rotation so whilst you can create a recipe, only feeding the one recipe isn't going to cut the mustard.

As you grow in confidence, it is likely that you will use the app less and less.


You will need to watch the instructional video, other wise you will get lost in the web app.


Once you've watched the instructional video, you are now ready to use the web app.

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