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QLD, Australia

Brittany Muscat

Also known as The Pet Girl, Brittany is a qualified and accredited Dog Trainer (NDTF), Nutritionist (HATO) & Fitness Coach.

Brittany is a passionate advocate for fresh food feeding and once ran her own canine fresh food company.

These days, Brittany is busy helping her clients reach their training & health goals. Brittany has 4 dogs and her most recent addition is a working line Border Collie who she is training to herd sheep.



Brittany & Sacha came across each other on Facebook due to their shared passion for nutrition and immediately hit it off.  They joined forces to create the Raw & Fresh Food Feeding community on Facebook which in less than 3 years become Australia's largest fresh food feeding community for dogs.

Their vision was to not focus on existing fresh food feeders but seek out those currently feeding kibble that were curious about feeding a healthier diet.

The community helps curious pet parents start to add fresh food to their dogs diets and hopefully eventually fully transition when they feel confident enough.

The group is highly moderated which has its own challenges, however it was important to the pair that only factual information was shared in their community and that the vibe in the group was non-judgmental and supportive.

Today the community is thriving with many pet parents who made the transition now supporting new members find their confidence.

NSW, Australia

Sacha Packer

Also known as The Balanced Canine, Sacha is a multi-modality practitioner who mostly works with performance and show dogs. Qualified & accredited in Nutrition, Fitness & Bodywork.

Sacha, like Brittany, is also a passionate advocate for feeding dogs a healthy diet and has developed a supplement range called 'My Doggie Boosters'.

Sacha has 3 dogs and often foster cares for rescue dogs. Sacha's most recent addition is a Xolo (Mexican hairless.

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