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Fair Dinkum Testimonials From Our Community

"Since swapping to raw and fresh food I have noticed the change in my dogs health (no more itching), increased energy (my older dog acts like a puppy again), no doggy smell, healthy breath and clean teeth.For me it has been an educational experience on how important nutrition is and how easily it is over looked..."
J. Beattie

"Shiny coat, good weight, great muscle development, doesn’t smell, no more skin issues, lots of energy, great teeth."

B. Pandoulis

"My border collie x kelpie was so hyper until we started raw feeding. It’s made him so much more calm and focused!"
S. Lee

"Smaller less stinky poos, weight management easier, better arthritis management, less toxic build up in the system, there are many other things that are beneficial with a fresh diet that are way to many to list.."
T. Finn

"Keeps him in shape which is very important to me as a Labrador owner. I don't have to worry too much about him being dehydrated because fresh food has around 70%. His coat is soft and shiny & he no longer gets dandruff after baths.."
A. Vaschina

"I have been able to reduce my girls epilepsy medication from 120mg to 30mg and we have kept that just as a precaution. She rarely has seizures and I can usually put it down to a new food or treat that has preservatives in."
C. Hately

"Fresh food has helped with anal glands haven’t had a problem since."
M. Watts

"Fresh food helped my boy shed some unwanted kilos and has helped settle a very persistent skin issue 🙂 & added extra gleam to his coat."
M. Bell

"My dog doesn't need to drink as much water, also poops much less."
Y. Tsui


"Despite having some significant genetic joint issues, Enzo is able to stay active and play like a normal 2 year old dog and not be held back by stiff, sore joints thanks to his anti-inflammatory, fresh diet ❤️."
O. Clark

"Fresh Food Feeding has given me control of what goes into my dogs' system. He was adopted at 4 1/2 and came from a farm. Who knows how many toxins he absorbed there. We're healing him from the inside out, just in case. That way he doesn't have to have any unnecessary chemicals from here on in.."

A. Macleay


"My dog now loves vegetables!"
A. Hill

"Lost the dog smell, coat is super healthy looking, smaller poos, much greater variety, knowing 100% what she eats, we’ve not had a problem with UTI since changing to raw (not sure it’s related but would be a huge coincidence otherwise) easy weight management, amazing teeth,.....and the list goes on!"
J. Much

"Shiny coat, clean teeth, perfect poo’s, no gas, happy, healthy, energetic dog that loves his food and looks amazing."
C. Stewart

"Beautiful white teeth, correct coat texture, no coat burn off or fading, less poo and general all round good health. My litter sizes have almost doubled and the boys semen count is excellent and with great motility."
F. Ellis

"Our boy had G.I issues when on dry food. His rear end was explosive. We tried all the different hypoallergenic foods the vet suggested every “premium” kibble around and nothing helped for more than a month.

We switched him to Prime100 and overnight he had the best poo of his life eventually we transitioned to full raw and other than the occasional soft one our lives are no longer consumed with rating our dogs poo on a scale of 1-10.

The reason we made the full switch to raw was because our old girl developed cancer and the vet suggested the diet to support her other conservative treatment. We expected to have her for 6 months but she hung around for 18 months before it was time.

’ll never go back life is so much better for everyone now.
A. Courtney

"Our family dog vomited with all kibble except for one type, but she was still overweight and her coat wasn't nice. Switched to raw and now she's a perfect weight, she's loving her food a whole lot more and her coat is super soft and shiny. Her teeth are no longer brown either and her breath doesn't stink 😊."
R. Robinson

"Since switching to raw, I haven’t had to take my dog back to the vet once for his previously troubled anal glands. I was taking him every 3-4 weeks to have them expressed. I have feeding raw for around 7 months now and haven’t had an issue since the switch.

He has also had less ear and eye infections, he is calmer and he finally enjoys his food. I have personally also really enjoyed the journey of learning about the raw diet, what is good for him, what is not good for him and I also love being able to enlighten and educate others on the benefits of raw feeding."

A. Scarce

"Mini poodle with chronic ear issues... fungal flare ups and reactive if ever given kibble. Rarely has ear issues and we keep chicken to only once a week (wings and necks). She’s 14 and a mostly spritely 14 at that."
J. Marchant

"My working breed dog was instantly calmer on a raw diet, has the softest and shiniest coat I've ever seen and is always excited for his meals! He also smells pretty nice (as much as a dog who seeks out duck ponds and mud can) and everyone is always impressed by his sparkling teeth ☺️."
E. Scheer


"My dogs are in better, fitter body condition than when I was feeding approximately 50% kibble. Their stools are firmer, smell less and are less!."
L. Bettison


"We adopted a 9 year old beagle - very overweight and rough, dry coat. It didn't take long on a raw diet to shed the weight and become so glossy and soft. She is now only about 8 weeks off becoming the amazing age of 16 and though slower, can still jump on the couch and trot around the block! She has been soooo healthy and we put all of this down to raw - no dog of ours will ever eat anything else."
R. Walker

"Since starting raw my 11yr old staffy cross is a puppy again and my 7yr old hyper Dane is finally chilling out in a good way. He was always to hyper and now he is a gentlemen. They look forward to meal times and my Dane is also having much better bowel movements."
T. Webster

"Better coat, more energy, smaller poos as he used more of the nutrients.. Plus he LOVES eating raw food!!"
P. Parker

"Fresh and raw feeding has been so good for my boy. Apart from a thicker, softer coat, cleaner teeth and better breath, he has less inflammation episodes and a much calmer demeanor. He seems happier and loves the variety in his meals."
D. Philipson


"Fresh food feeding has kept Millar's very sensitive gut healthy and has helped Hugo maintain a healthy weight even when he was injured and unable to exercise."
J. Eynaud


"Improved coat/skin health, smaller poo (great for a four large dog household) & perfect dental health (even impressed our vet)."
E. Eleas


"My girl has quite a few allergies, both food and environmental. Her dermatologist - after listening to me for about 15 minutes as I recited a list of proteins, fruits and vegetables she eats - stated that if I didn’t have her diet nailed, I’d have been in the clinic 12-18 months sooner. A fresh food diet won’t fix her pollen allergies, but the healthy gut and general good health that it brings has certainly made them easier to manage over time."
R. Watson

"Fresh food feeding has brought me even closer to my dogs. Preparing and providing nutritious food is another way I show how much I love my dogs and value their well-being. Their enthusiasm for variety and the way they eat each part of their meal separately is so satisfying. Then there are all the physical and behavioural health benefits and amazing poo! 😃"
K. Esz

"When I got my first dog Panda 4 years ago I didn’t know a lot about dog food. He got kibble at the breeder and we gave that brand too. He was not a great eater. I went searching for other kibble and got cold pressed ones. Still he was eating a little bit better but not loving it. He was also producing a lot of gas. So every night we were like sitting in the smell.

Then I researched some stuff and got into raw food. No more gas and he was loving his food. He is food crazy now, never leaves a slick in the bowl. He eats every vegetable every fruit.. all meats, fish and supplements I give him. He is healthier, he looks healthier and is happy. A big change. Now 4 years later it is a real passion for me."

V. Wetemans


"We have seen a huge improvement with their teeth in such a short amount of time. Dandruff is gone - their coats are smoother. No digestive problems. No rashes, red ears, and they really enjoy the variety in smells and texture. It's fun for me to make their bowls and see what they go for first. This is something I've wanted to do for a while as I believe it is a no brainer. I'm glad I took the plunge down this journey."
B. McNamara

"We have 4 English Springer Spaniels, ranging from 5 1/2 to 11 1/2. Made the transition to raw 3 years ago, haven't looked back, they have never looked healthier, no issues with weight, poos are smaller and not smelly, teeth are awesome, no health issues, learning ability better. One bitch had yeasty issues and anal gland problems, now nothing. They look forward to see what is in their bowl everyday. Best move we ever made. Thanks to this group."
W. Darnley

"Shiny teeth, lush coat and the enjoyment I get from watching her eat the food that I’ve prepared with love."
L. Schulze

"Improved coat, skin, dental hygiene, and body condition. Plus they get super excited for meals. Peace of mind for me knowing I’m doing everything I can to avoid health concerns."
J. Grace

"Our Ruby Cavalier needed bi monthly anal gland expressions... now he hardly needs them at all! He loves the variety and he’s a happier dog all round! Can’t be grateful enough for raw feeding communities like this to help us figure this stuff out!"
N. Menezes

"Better coats, teeth and conditioning. I show dogs. I give a basic bathe with no need to use further coat product. The coats shine naturally."
L. Keenan

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