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Vegetarian & Vegan Owners

We recognise that we have a lot of Vegetarians & Vegans in our community, so we created a Vegetarian Support file which you can find here.

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There are many ways to feed a species-appropriate diet to a dog, you don't have to cut up offal and touch meat if that's not something you can cope with.

Australians with a flexible budget, you may be interested in a freeze-dried product that focuses on ethics:

Air & Freeze dried foods are often a good option for Vegetarians/Vegans because it looks more like kibble.  Ziwi Peak, Kiwi Kitchens and K9 Naturals are just a few of the options in Australia, a Google will give you many more options.

If you want to feed raw but not prepare, a commercial option should work for you here.

Offal - if you want to DIY but Offal is just pushing the friendship, there are dried options available at the below link for Australians:
If you get stuck at any point, just yell out.

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