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Start Today With Pre-packaged Raw

Pre-packaged raw is a great way to dip your toe into the fresh food feeding world.  It is going to be more expensive than D.I.Y but it is convenient and doesn't require much research - simply buy and feed. 


When feeding commercial pre-packaged raw formulas, we recommend you rotate through brands and flavours where possible so you do not overly restrict your dog's nutritional intake.


Just because a commercial brand is balanced doesn't mean it has exactly the same nutrients as another brand.  Every brand uses different ingredients which have different nutrients, different omega-3 content, different fibre levels, different amount of calories and so-forth.  If we don't feed our dogs a variety of flavours and brands, we restrict the nutrients, fibres, fats etc. that they are exposed to.

Like most commercial dog foods i.e. kibble, pre-packaged raw foods mostly are complete and balanced to AAFCO minimum guidelines, they often contain synthetic nutrients to do this.  However, unlike kibble which uses synthetic nutrients to balance, the bulk of the nutrients in pre-packaged raw is coming from the actual food and the synthetic mix is simply a formality.

In Australia at the time of publication, Big Dog Pet Foods is the only complete and balanced brand that does not use synthetic nutrients, instead, they opted to do a food trial to be able to claim their formula is complete and balanced.

Another brand that does not use synthetic nutrients is Glow, they are a company that also makes kibble.  Because they have not sought "complete and balanced" status for their product, they state that it is for "supplemental" use - in reality, this is just them covering their butts but fresh food feeders happily use it on rotation as a complete meal.

Australian Pre-Packaged National Brands you may like to explore that are the most popular include:

There are other pre-packaged raws that are not found as easily in pet stores like the above brands such as Raw4Paws as an example.  Some Googling will help you find what is available in your local area outside of the nationally available brands


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Whilst not specifically "Raw", there are shelf-stable dried foods that are not kibble that you may also like to consider, these are air-dried and freeze-dried raw. This is not a complete list as there are always new players in the market.

You can learn more about these and other brands on our information page here.

In addition to commercial prepackaged raw, there are also other companies that sell directly to the public usually via a website and they often offer bulk bag options such as:

There are probably 100+ suppliers like this. and to find them. you can head to Google and type: "Order Raw Dog Food + your city

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