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Transitioning your new puppy to fresh food

It’s very exciting when you get a new puppy and are eager to do the very best you can and change them over to fresh foods.

However, it is super important that you don’t jump the gun!


When your puppy comes home with you, it can be incredibly stressful for them. They have just left their littermates, their mum, and everything that is familiar to them.

A change of diet can make things even worse and result in stress runny poos and upset tummies, especially if your dog has never had raw food before.

I recommend keeping your puppy on their original food for 1-2 weeks depending on how their poos are as moving to a new home can be stressful, you can then you can start to expand their diet once you know that everything is okay and regular.

I wouldn’t suggest changing foods if your puppy isn’t eating or toileting properly. These are all signs of stress.

When you do get to the stage where you want to start adding new foods, do it slowly and simply. Add one thing at a time over a few days then add something else. That can be protein at a time or commercial products. 

If you would like to feed a commercial fresh/whole foods diet to your puppy, we have resources to help you with this here | if you would like to make your own, head here.

From my personal experience with my puppy Vixen, the only addition she received immediately was Antinol.

Brittany Young
The Pet Girl

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