Antinol Rapid

Members of our community will have heard us mention Antinol Rapid, it is a supplement readily available in Australia & New Zealand.

Antinol Rapid's primary function to help dogs with joint disease such as arthritis, however, it is also a bit of a Superhero!


Antinol Rapid can also be used as a joint preventative, lot's of pet parents use it to assist in inflammatory conditions such as allergies.  Because of its high and full-spectrum omega-3 content, it can also improve the trainability in puppies. Some pet parents use it as an omega-3 supplement, however, it should never replace real food.

I (Sacha Packer, The Balanced Canine) first came across this supplement a number of years ago when some of my end up of life clients were getting a 2nd chance at life when there were trials available, one of those is still very much alive and kicking today, I put all my dogs on it and I credit it to keeping my Dane with disc disease alive today where others in his same position would have been put to sleep by now.

Product specs and more information can be found here.

A number of Vets stock Antinol Rapid, however, if you would like an online supplier with free shipping, shoot us a message.

This is not a sponsored message.