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Antinol Rapid

Members of our community will have heard us mention Antinol Rapid, it is a supplement readily available in Australia & New Zealand.

Antinol Rapid's primary function to help dogs with joint disease such as arthritis, however, it is also a bit of a Superhero!


Antinol Rapid can also be used as a joint preventative, lot's of pet parents use it to assist in inflammatory conditions such as allergies.  Because of its high and full-spectrum omega-3 content, it can also improve the trainability in puppies and aid in allergies. Some pet parents use it as an omega-3 supplement, however, it should never replace real food.

I (Sacha Packer, The Balanced Canine) first came across this supplement a number of years ago when some of my end up of life clients were getting a 2nd chance at life when there were trials available, one of those is still very much alive and kicking today, I put all my dogs on it and I credit it to keeping my Dane with disc disease alive for as long as he was.

Product specs and more information can be found here.

A number of Vets stock Antinol Rapid, however, if you would like an online supplier with free shipping, click here.

This is not a sponsored message.

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