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How Much Should You Feed Your Adult Dog?

Commercial diets take all the guess work out of feeding your adult dog and can be such a great option for busy pet parents.

Image by Alexandra Lau

When feeding a commercial diet to your adult dog you will follow the guidelines on the pack to start with, this is because commercial diet recommendations are based on how many calories are in that specific formula.

If you are finding that your adult dog is underweight or overweight on the guidelines suggested by the manufacturer, you can increase/decrease your dog's intake based on their body condition.

When feeding a commercial diet to a dog, we recommend you rotate between flavours and brands so to not only to provide nutritional enrichment to your dog but also to avoid limiting their nutritional intake to just one set of nutrients found in one specific formula.

Adult dogs are often fed twice per day but there are benefits to feeding just once per day based on the principles of intermittent fasting.  Giant dogs who are still consuming a lot of food may be better off with 2 meals per day so as to not over-tax the digestive system.

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