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How to use Vets All Natural (VAN)

Vets All Natural (VAN) Complete Mix is one of the most popular base mixes in the Australian market but there's often a lot of confusion about how to use it.


A base mix is a mixture that usually looks like muesli with dried plant matter and some vitamin and minerals that you add meat to and this in itself makes a balanced diet.

  • Vets All Natural was created by Australian Vet, Dr. Bruce Syme.

  • Vets All Natural's mix covers your bone and organ requirements however you're allowed to add more.

  • Bones 2-4 times per week for dental health is recommended.

  • An additional variety of organ meat (secreting organs) is also welcomed, you can add around 10% more without drama.

  • You're also able to add other bits and pieces in for variety if you wish i.e. some canned sardines etc. Variety is the spice of life.

Vets All Natural comes in a variety of formulas such as:

  • Adult / Senior Dogs

  • Puppies

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Weight Loss

Base mixes have you soak the mix in room temperature water for 24 hours for best results BUT, for immediate use, you'll add warm (not boiling) tap water, soak for a minute, stir, and serve.








The Complete Mix and meat combination can be pre-made and refrigerated for four to five days, or frozen for up to six months.

Base Mix Poos
You will see some of the formula in your dog's poo, but this does not mean your dog is not benefiting from the formula. There are different types of fibre i.e soluble vs insoluble and VAN contains both, the insoluble type increases stool bulk to help express anal glands so you will see it in their poo which means it's doing its job.

By large, dogs will be fine with bases mixes but they can be a bit grain-heavy for some dogs who might get a bit finicky about it, especially in the weight loss and senior dog mixes that increase the plant matter %.

Grains - are they are problem?
There are good grains and this formula utalises those. Grains get a hard time and many people avoid them without good reason.

Where to buy it?
Many large chain pet stores stock it but you can find it easily online such as at Pet Circle.

If you have any further product questions, please touch base with Vets All Natural 

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