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Bones for Small Dogs

Pet parents of small dogs often feel overwhelmed with giving bones as the bones are often too much for their dogs.

Before continuing on with this page, it is important that you have first read the 'Bones' page, if you haven't, please go ahead and do that now.

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Add it up - When feeding a ratio diet as per our feeding calculator, feeding the bone content daily may just not be practical because it is such a small amount in these little dogs.

What you may like to do instead is add up the individual bone content and then 1-2 times per week give an entire meal as a raw meaty bone, that way you'll more easily be able to offer an actual chewing enrichment activity.  Do whatever works for you and your dog.

Here are some bone examples that you may like to consider for your small dog depending on their eating style - remember, greedy dogs may try to swallow bones so for those dogs, going bigger is important or you'll need to take a mallet/mincer to the bone.

  • Quail, you can cut it up if it is too big whole.

  • Duck, Turkey & Chicken Feet - you can cut the toe nails off if that makes you feel more comfortable.

  • Duck and Chicken Wings - you can just give the wing tip if you have a super small dog.

  • Chicken & Duck Necks.

  • Chicken and duck heads.

  • Rabbit parts.

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