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Hybrid Diet Food Ideas

If you're looking at keeping your dog on a Hybrid diet permanently, here are some food ideas to rotate through.  If your dog has a sensitive tummy, just try one at a time so you can learn what your dog may and may not be ok with.


  • Meat
    Chicken, turkey, quail, goat, beef, venison, roo, buffalo, rabbit etc.


  • Eggs
    Chicken, duck, quail, etc.


  • Dairy
    Whilst there is a common acceptance that dogs are lactose intolerant, many dogs consume dairy without any issues at all and enjoy raw goat's milk, white cheeses, greek yogurt, and
     kefir without issue.

  • Tinned Fish in springwater olive oil
    Salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna every now and then due to higher heavy metals


  • Fresh Fish
    Your local fish shop will often have a scraps pile that is cheap that you can get a whole variety of different types to try with your dog.

  • Fruit & Veggies
    Any high-starch veggies such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin need to be cooked to make it easier to digest for your dog.

    Veggies like corn with their hard skin will simply be pooed out whole so just skip these unless you're going to blend them.

    Carrots will often be seen in poos so we recommend you blend it down also

    Dogs can consume the same mushrooms you do but they will need to be cooked to break down their tough cell wall and kill any nasties they come with - sautee in butter is a nice yummy way.

    Contrary to the internet and even some Vets, Garlic and Avocado can be safely fed to dogs.

    Fermented veggies are very healthy but always check the ingredients to make sure there is no onion or other unsafe dog ingredients.

    Anything with grapes, raisins, and onion cannot be given to dogs.

  • Nuts & Seeds
    Nuts and seeds are a great way to deliver a range of great nutrients like omegas and vitamin E, however, because they'll simply be pooed out the same way they went in, you'll need to ground them.  Do not give dogs Macadamia nuts.  Chia seeds need to be soaked before they can be given to avoid digestive issues.

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