Food Poisoning
Why dogs don't duffer to the same extent as humans

Vets who do not support fresh food feeding and kibble manufacturers will often use the case of food poisoning to sway pet parents away from feeding fresh food, so let's dive into this topc.

I sit here with food poisoning from dodgy take out on Friday night with my guts churning, threatening to explode with as little notice as a 2 million-year-old dormant volcano and I figure there’s an opportunity for education in every experience, right?

Upset Stomach

The dogs' digestive tract is shorter than a humans which means food passes through much faster, so if a dog eats something dodgy, it passes through the body quickly vs slowly making its way through, increasing the risk of making them sick. 

dog digestive system.jpg
human digestive system.jpg

In addition, dogs have a different pH level and bacteria in specific strains to consume their natural diet being a raw one + gross stuff.

Dogs living on a raw diet for some time have more diversity of bacteria which keeps their digestive system happier and able to cope with constantly changing foods, they also have a different pH level helping them break down bones and gross things more effectively than kibble fed dogs who also lack diversity in their microbiome so are more likely to get sick with changes of food and exposure to things such as Salmonella.


So in short - Mother Nature made the dog to consume a raw diet and of course gross stuff so the digestive tract was made to cope with that, that’s why they don’t get sick as easily as we do and inturn why their owners then have to clench so hard on a dog walk when they have food poisoning because their dogs want a walk and don’t care that their humans have food poisoning and are at imminent risk of dropping their dacks and evacuating into the closest bush.