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Does your dog turn their nose up at offal?

When we discuss offal here, we are discussing secreting organs such as liver & kidney. We are not discussing the likes of heart which is a muscle meat. To learn more about what is offal and what is something else, see page 28 of our Starter file.


When feeding a fresh food diet, offal is important because it delivers nutrients in amounts that are challenging to get elsewhere. Not giving offal and not finding appropriate alternatives will create deficiencies over time, that might not be seen for 5+ years.

There are some exceptions such as Dalmatians who by large require a low purine diet which means they cannot consume offal, alternatives must be found for such dogs, we would like to direct you to the Dalmatian Nutrition Pack at the My Doggie Boosters website if you are a pet parent of such a dog.

Unprocessed foods are the most ideal because that is nature working in synergistic ways and in some ways we don't actually understand yet. Providing processed i.e. freeze-dried or dehydrated offal can be a good backup or put on rotation but I do not believe it is an appropriate full-time solution as there is nutrient loss.


Different animal livers taste differently.  Chicken liver is often the most palatable and Pork or other game livers are not always accepted as well but it's worth slowly getting them used to it because each different animal liver has a different nutritional profile which Chicken being the least impressive.


Instead, we need to put the effort in to get them used it and I have a method that is 100% guaranteed but many pet parents don't like the labour involved so don't do it...


  • Step 1: Blend it

  • Step 2: Mix it well into your meat & plant mix

If these 2 steps alone do not work, then proceed to step 3...


  • Step 3: Only mix into a meal an amount that is not offensive to the dog, this may be something as small as the head of a needle...if you need to go that small then so be it, and then gradually increase from there. If your dog refuses the inclusion in such a small amount then we recommend you refer to the fussy dog file.



Offer it frozen, strangely enough, this can work wonders!


Sautee in a pan with some butter.


If you have had to resort to dehydrated Liver in the short term, you'll need to do some maths.  If your recipe calls for 50g, divide this number by 3, this will tell you how much dehydrated product to use.  Commercial dog offal products such as My Doggie Boosters and Canine Ceuticals will have their own instructions on the label on how to include in your dog's diet.

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