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Adding onto Commercial Raw Diets

Commercial raw diets are such a great product for the newbie & experienced fresh food feeder.

Whilst these diets are complete and balanced in most cases, this doesn't mean you cannot add to them, in fact, we recommend it for nutritional enrichment!

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Foods that you do not need to worry about adding are secreting organs such as Liver and Kidney, these foods are rich in vitamin A which is a nutrient you don't want to over do but in saying this if you want to add some secreting organ of your own for variety, doing so a couple of times a week isn't going to be an issue.

Just like you do not micro-manage your own diet down to the mg of different nutrients, you do not need to be doing this to your dogs diet.  Feeding a variety of ingredients on rotation means you generally avoid underdoing or overdoing any one nutrient and work towards balance over time vs per meal - the way all animals in the world eat including healthy humans.

Just keep in mind that anything you add as an extra is extra calories, so if you have a dog that you do not want to put on any weight then you will need to reduce the commercial raw portion.

Here are some ideas of some extras that you might like to consider adding to your dog's commercial diet:

  • Kefir

  • Greek yogurt

  • Egg (cooked or raw)

  • Canned fish in springwater or olive oil

  • Quality canned dog foods such as K9 Naturals & Kiw Kitchens from Pet stores

  • Meat

  • White cheese

  • Healthy fats

  • Non-canned fish

  • Dehydrated & Freeze dried treats

  • Raw Goats Milk from pet speciality supply stores

  • Veggie scraps that are dog safe i.e. no onion or leeks or sauces

  • Bone Broth (no onion)

  • Bee Pollen as natures multi-vitamin

  • Organ powders

  • Insect Protein

  • Kelp as natures multi-vitamin

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