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Nutritional Considerations For Cancer

When pet parents discover their precious dogs have cancer, they often come looking for nutritional therapies

Cancer and what works/supports your dog is a very individual thing - whilst you will feel desperate, it is important that you do not just blindly take information from well meaning unqualified people.  There are lot's of qualified individuals in this space when it comes to Cancer and it's important to seek them out vs internet experts.


The Dog Cancer Series is an outstanding documentary to invest in, it will  give you a lot of things to ponder and research further


The KetoPet Sanctuary is a scientific organisation specialising in cancer supportive diets for dogs. They provide an online diet calculator so you can start straight away.


Medicinal Mushrooms have a lot of research studies behind them and they are often used in cancer recovery/support programs. In Australia, iloveadog carry a number of articles on the subject.

Mushroom products for dogs in Australia can be purchased from My Doggie Nutritional Boostersiloveadog 

and Canine Ceuticals.

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