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Improving Brain Function

Helping your dog express their highest mental function starts with nutrition paired with appropriate training and respecting your dogs mental thresholds and building upon them.

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Our top nutritional recommendations:

  • Medicinal Mushrooms such as Lion's Mane and Cordyceps are great additions.

  • Custom herbal formulas - Australian's can reach out to clinical Naturopath & Nutritionist, Narelle Cooke @

  • Celery

  • Bee Pollen - Australians can grab this product.

  • Bone Broth, DIY, or purchase concentrate - Australian's can use this product.

  • Beetroot, I use boiled from Woolworths fruit and veg dept. You can also get it in a powder.

  • Nuts in general except Macadamia. Walnuts, the English not black variety are thought to be the best for brain health, ground them for bioavailability.

  • Sunflower & Pumpkin seeds, ground.

  • Spinach

  • Coconut Oil

  • Maca Root (Peruvian ginseng) - Australian's can grab this product.

  • Chia Seeds

  • Turmeric but it has to be bio-available and also safe as Turmeric products can be adulterated for profits, Narelle has a product you can chat to her about.

  • Milk Thistle, Narelle can also help you out here.

  • Healthy fats! The brain is made of a hell of a lot of fat, it needs healthy fats to perform at its best. Read more about fats you can include here.

  • Blueberries, smooshed.

  • Broccoli, cooked or raw.

  • Vitamin C, ester C is a form that is easier on tummies. Rose Hip Vital is a good supplement here.

  • Eggs, avoid caged eggs, even free-range can just mean living in a barn with thousands of other boards - do your research here.

  • Green tea, decaff - find the highest quality one available, you'll need to do a little research here about brands.

  • Antinol Rapid, bioavailable, pure, safe, C02 extracted potent omega-3 supplement. If you would like the details of a supplier with free shipping, contact us.

  • Pro-biotics with strains for mental function - Australian's can grab this product.

  • Polyphenols found in good amounts in the likes of berries, herbs and spices (Oregano is particularly good), nuts (Chestnuts are the best), flaxseeds, veggies (small artichoke is the best) & teas.

  • Flavonoids are found in the likes of Parsley, celery, citrus fruits, some herbs such as Oregano. Quercetin is starting to get quite a bit of attention of late for all kinds of things, so often used to assist allergies, it is a multi-use food. Broccoli, green tea, berries, kiwifruit, apples & plums.

  • Hydration is super important - generally, dogs on fresh food diets are ok here as their diets are high in moisture.

  • Tyrosine is a helpful amino acid and can be found in foods such as chicken, turkey, fish, peanuts, almonds, milk, cheese, yogurt, and sesame seeds.

Other factors that improve mention function:

  • Fitness is very important for brain health, pair good nutrition with great fitness and you're on a fast track to improving mental resilience.

  • Enrichment has been scientifically shown to improve mental function.




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