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Bones for Brachycephalic Dogs

Pet parents of brachycephalic dogs are often told that their dogs cannot consume bones, this is not true.

Before continuing on with this page, it is important that you have first read the 'Bones' page, if you haven't, please go ahead and do that now.


Choking risk - The risk with these dogs is choking especially in puppies so they should always be supervised when eating bones.  Choose bigger bones especially with greedy dogs. 

If you just can't get your brachy breed to be sensible with bones you can take a mallet/mincer to soft bones such as chicken bones so they can still consume bones for calcium. 

It may take some experimentation to find what works best for your dog.

Even if your brachy dog consumes bones, they may still need you to brush their teeth and/or use a dental supplement such as My Doggie Weed due to the structure of their jaws,

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