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Avocado for Dogs

The internet is littered with incorrect "Do Not Feed" lists and Avocado always appears on them.

Avocado is beautiful healthy fat for both humans and dogs alike and you can absolutely feed the flesh of an Avocado to your dog.  The skin and stone can cause GI issues but you wouldn't feed them anyway, right?! The stone would be an obstruction risk and the skin wouldn't be than enjoyable. 


Science says Avocado is fine for dogs - In 2012 Proctor & Gamble funded a study to see once and for all if Avocado was safe for dogs or not, this study was called Tolerance and safety of an avocado‐based ingredient for adult dogs.

The study found: Avocado extract was well‐tolerated by adult dogs and resulted in no adverse health effects.

In 2018, Rodney Habib & Dr Karen Becker did a video on this very topic and it's a great video to watch to learn why people thought Avocado wasn't safe and how the Proctor and Gamble study was conducted. You can watch it here.

Dogs with allergies may like to avoid avocado as it is higher in histamines.

Persin is a fungicidal toxin present in parts of the avocado such as the leaves, bark, and skin, and can lead to health issues over time, this is the reason that it was once thought that avocados were dangerous for dogs. 

Short story - don't feed the leaves, bark, and skin to your dog - that's weird anyway!


Fresh Food advocate and best selling Author, Rodney Habib has been trying to spread awareness about the mis-information relating to avocado for many years but sadly, it's just not reaching enough pet parents.

Rodney states:
Avocados: This bumpy on the outside, creamy on the inside green fruit boasts significant amounts of vitamins C and E and potassium, and a lot of folate and fiber. Avocados are chock-full of the same healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil—oleic acid—which supports brain function and is important for optimal health at any age. Emerging research shows that avocados also benefit skin, eye, and even joint health. Avocados also contain heart-friendly phyto- sterols such as beta-sitosterol.

“Avocados and garlic are toxic.” FALSE. Don’t feed or eat the skin or pit of avocados, as they contain a substance called “persin” that can cause GI upset, but the flesh is safe and healthy for you and your dog. We smear a wedge the size of an orange slice (approximately 40 calories) into Shubie’s Kong toy once a day. 
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